Tan .U Sound & Vision

A Tan philosophy?
We don’t think so. A ‘philosophy’ would already restrict what we do…

Originating from a musical project, it soon became clear we are looking at more than just that. Musically, we are looking at open mindedness. If there’s something on these pages, you most certainly will find Class & Style (according to us, anyhow) instead of genres.
You’ll have bass heavy Dub sounds next to guitar mayhem Rock n Roll, songwriting next to acoustic soundscapes and dancefloor driven electronica, more or less, and definitely from a subjective point of view. You’ll find our own projects, protégées and friends, writings and a label, but also we’d like to point our fingers at other people out there worth your attention, may it be in music, film, word and/or other arts.
And hopefully, we can connect one or the other, so there’ll be some creative, prosperous cooperations. We do not like stagnation, rather move on into the unknown, insecure, but never, ever stand still. That’s the enemy of creativity and life in itself.
This site and it’s content, the people inhabiting these pages, hopefully are in constant motion, this site being a ‘work in progress’.

Another side of Tan .U Sound, naturally, is also the political aspects of being, coping with an independent, an own way of existence, of having the right of self-determination. We are NOT going to come straight up with solutions to a rotten world (not yet, anyway), but at least we can give it a voice for people who are ready to start “something”, and maybe, just maybe, even change a little bit to the better, whatever ‘better’ means. You will find contradiction, prediction, and at one point maybe a new constitution. Of course we want to make the world a better place, if we can connnect, we can already get a huge step further. If we can touch only one lost child, we are on our way.

As in all, we are not here to please each and everyone. You might like what we present and suggest, or you might disagree. Either way, you are welcome to be part of it and express what you think. Constructiveness provided. And for those who are just curious, feel free to jump around, find some artists and biz at “Tan U Sound”, our moaning and roaring at “Social Studies” or just see what we like and other gadgets on the “Playground”, because after all, life is not to be taken too serious. It’s a massive fun ride.
Smile, your picture is being taken…



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